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Trailer Location

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When your trailer is lost, stolen or missing, it can lead to significant losses for your business.  Our Trailer Location Unit (TLU) is a highly integrated all-in-one asset tracking device packaged into a rugged weatherproof enclosure.  Operating by satellite 24x7 with world wide coverage,  this empowers you to monitor real-time trailer location – so you can maintain real-time control.

Trailer Hitch

What makes our Trailer Location Unit unique is it’s simplicity. This compact unit attaches to the top of a trailer using a high bonding adhesive, or optionally, screws.  The device can also be mounted vertically on equipment that does not have a roof (e.g. flatbed trailers).  The Inttelligence Group can also provide optional mounting brackets for roll-off containers and similar equipment.  Based on our deep understanding of the asset tracking market, we provide a GPS solution that is easy to use and gives you the features that matter most.

Some assets require real-time monitoring with location updates every two minutes.  Other mobile assets like containers, rail cars require location updates less often and must use battery powered tracking devices.  Our integrated platform allows you to see all types of assets on a single screen.  In addition to trailers we offer GPS tracking for vehicles, heavy equipment and refrigerated trailers.

  • Refrigerated Trailer Tracking
  • Temperature Reporting

GlobalStar Coverage

First and foremost, the Trailer Location Unit gives you the control to locate and ensure any trailer in your fleet throughout North America. It is this precise focus that will enable you to minimize the costs associated with lost, stolen, or abandoned trailers.
The GPS Trailer Location Unit is a highly integrated, all-in-one asset tracking device including:

  • GPS receiver
  • Satellite transmitter
  • Internal long life (5 year) battery
  • Antennas packaged in a rugged enclosure.
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