The Intelligence Group is a security consulting/private investigation agency located in an secure underground facility near Montgomery, TX with offices in Peru and Bolivia. We provide professional security and investigative services with reliable, relevant, efficient, and confidential information to help solve problems for our clients. With 100+ years of combined security/private investigation experience, we provide our clients with the indisputable evidence needed to make critical decisions. 

The Intelligence Group has extensive experience in worldwide search and rescue. Our key personnel designed, developed, custom built and operated the world's first and only private EPIRB and satellite phone emergency response center. We have executed rescues on every continent and have the knowledge to assist clients in developing a robust disaster or emergency response plan.

With our superior knowledge and experience of combining electronic design and information technology, we assist clients in custom security design solutions in all corners of the world. The Intelligence Group cultivates a corporate culture of "YES, we can!" making our agency a unique one-stop-shop for intelligence, security, and technology solutions.