Manage and monitor the health of occupants, to combat Covid-19 with access control.

Businesses, organizations, and government sectors are facing cumbersome constraints caused by the ongoing public health emergency. Governments worldwide have been forced to take drastic preventive measures like partial lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. Private employers around the world have also made tremendous efforts to simultaneously maintain business continuity while providing a secure and safe working environment for employees.

The Intelligence Group proposes a comprehensive solution to clients utilizing a  complete access control system that combines facial recognition and thermal imaging technology.  These devices can accurately isolate and detect body temperatures of specific individuals in a crowd quickly and efficiently. In addition, system administrators can enable the mask detection function to allow only those wearing masks to enter or proceed through the checkpoint.

During the height of the COVID-19 crisis, we assisted healthcare industry clients by identifying solutions to protect their employees from biohazard exposure, procure PPE from our global network, and deployed thermal cameras to detect potentially infected persons entering their facilities. These devices not only detected higher than normal body temperatures, but would alert administrators so the individual could be quickly isolated. Combined with access control, this solution successfully protected employees, patients, and the public.