What is risk management and why is it important?

The Intelligence Group's Security Risk Management practice provides expert guidance, subject matter expertise, and a global footprint from which we assist clients in navigating the most challenging and emerging security issues.

Helping clients anticipate and respond to a myriad of facility, operational, and employee security challenges.

The Intelligence Group's holistic approach combines top-tier professionals, modern technological solutions, proven strategies, and experts from across the globe to provide the comprehensive solutions to modern-day security, safety, and risk management challenges.

The Intelligence Group's global resources and cross-industry expertise propels us to the forefront of the security and risk management industry, offering real-time assistance, proven solutions, and strategic planning to help organizations navigate the most unpredictable of times with confidence. 

The Intelligence Group's expertise is widespread and includes all aspects of threat management, physical security, technical security, operational security, security design and engineering, countermeasures, information security and much more.

Our team of experts have backgrounds as varied as our clients’ needs including

  • former corporate security executives
  • federal, state and local law enforcement officers
  • security engineers and telecommunications specialists
  • veterans with various strategic military security training
  • experts in related operational disciplines such as finance, accounting, information security, emergency management, crisis communications, and business continuity.

Integrated Security Framework for Effective Risk Mitigation

Based on tried and true best practices and real-world experience, our approach addresses the intermingling nature of today’s complex businesses. It’s a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, an integrated security framework provides for robust and cohesive protection to mitigate threats to your organization.

There are physical, operational, and cyber security components to protecting an organization’s personnel, assets, and reputation. By assessing risks from multiple vantage points, The Intelligence Group can help your organization to better prevent, anticipate, mitigate risks and respond to threats.