You really want to know what’s coming around the next curve?

That’s why advance work is such a fundamental part of what we do, and that’s why travel intelligence is so critical.

Before the trip

We’re already doing advance work. In some cases, in some cases we’ll be in the country along with local resources to do the advance reconnaissance. 

Pre-trip travel intelligence

General travel risk advisories from a variety of government agencies are a good place to start and they provide a quick overview. Government advisories are written under the constraints of official policy.  These challenges make them a source, but not the most reliable source.

The Intelligence Group tends to emphasize the importance of our on-the-ground resources. Up to the minute intelligence from trusted local sources is critical. They’ll often give you a different perspective than other reports. They know things like when civil unrest is imminent, which roads are closed and which areas to avoid. Establishing and maintaining local relationships through colleagues, contacts and locals is essential.

During the trip

  • What’s happening right around you, at your current venue and in a 5 to 10-mile radius from there?
  • What’s happening on the route to the next meeting?
  • What’s happening around/near the airport?
  • What’s happening around the people you are meeting with?
  • Any news about your current or next venue?
  • Is your name or firm showing up in the local news or social media?

This is all critical information that you want to know as soon as possible. 

After the trip

The intelligence Group will meet with you with a full report and/or schedule a full debrief if requested.